Description Continued

An appendix is provided at the end of this manual, however, which illustrates the data and printed displays produced by this device.  The setting up of the equipment is described in the section on equipment setup.

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The analog signals recorded from the EGG skin electrodes and the respiratory belt are amplified, filtered and fed into four cables.  The cables are connected to a computer which has been equipped with an analog to digital (A/D) converter for digitization of the Electrogastrogram  signal.

The data file that is created during the A/D conversion of the EGG signal undergoes Fourier transform (FFT), an analysis of the frequencies contained in the EGG signal and a running spectral analysis (RSA). 

A plot of the RSA and calculation of the percentage of power in selected frequency bands are reports produced by the Electrogastrogram  analysis system. These Electrogastrogram datum are presented in four major frequency ranges: